Working for a city closer to its people

Duarte Cordeiro Deputy Mayor

Monday, 17 March 2014

The Deputy Mayor of Lisbon, Dr. Duarte Cordeiro responded to some questions about the city and its citizens.

Q: Which is your vision of the city of Lisbon in the near future?
A: Under the leadership of our Mayor, Mr António Costa, we are working on a city closer to its people. A city which creates employment and housing within its borders, minimizing commuting. A city in which people choose to live, attracted by a continuous virtuous cycle of urban renewal and rehabilitation, employment, economic growth and better quality of life. This is our clear vision – a better Lisbon, with better environment, inclusive, sustainable and global.

Q: Can you tell us in brief about your most important plan/action in the mobility area?
A: The mobility plan 2014 will focus on:
- Investment on the extension of the current bike lane network.
- Extension of the concepts of park & ride for outlying regions, involving the neighbouring municipalities, including support for car pooling clubs.
- Continuation with the promotion of electric mobility, intensifying the partnership effort of promoting electric taxis and expanding to other business fleets, using the recent examples given by the municipality on its own fleet.
Likewise, to promote electric mobility in circumstances where soft modes of public transport are not competitive, as well as to implement the next phases of LEZ (Low Emission Zone) areas, with the introduction of an automatic surveillance vehicle access system and access restrictions for vehicles that do not conform to the EURO 3 (3rd phase) and EURO 4 standards (4th phase).
- Promotion of a car sharing network in Lisbon through environmentally friendly vehicles, making the prices payable to the citizens by providing the operator with dedicated parking areas.
- Implementation of a bike sharing program. 
- Promotion of the public transport.

Q: Being Deputy Major means to be "on stage" 24 hours a day, talk to citizens and try to give the right answer to their main needs. Do you think they approve your commitment to sustainable and smart mobility?
A: Yes, the use of more environmentally friendly ways of travel is growing within the city. In the eBRIDGE project, Lisbon's contribution will consist on the assessment of the potential usage of electric vehicles in municipal fleets, using these conclusions to boost the penetration of such technology in public and private transport services.

Q: We know you use an e-car to move for meetings and official reasons, but we would also like to know more about the Deputy Mayor in his private life. How do you move in your free time or with your family? Do you really believe in the e-cars or your secret dream is driving an Aston Martin or a Rolls Royce Phantom like James Bond?
A: In my free time I still do not use an electric car. Nowadays the market still does not have large enough family cars that allow me to travel longer distances. And since I have long passed my “James Bond” times I now believe in a near future with e-cars for bigger families.

Q: Do you think an e-car has the possibility to become a status symbol sooner or later?
A: I think that e-car has already earned that status, and in the next 10 years it will conquer a larger market’s segment. In Lisbon we’re doing everything within our power to turn the “sooner or later” into a “now”, starting with our brand new electric municipal fleet.